Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beyond Therapy

Recorded another therapy session. I realize this stuff is personal, but there’s something cathartic about posting it here for you to read. Again, a partial transcript:

DR. STEIN: You look sad.

ME: Really? I feel pretty good.

DR. STEIN: Tell me what’s going on.

ME: My movie is released today.

DR. STEIN: That’s wonderful.

ME: Yeah.

DR: STEIN: You don’t seem too convinced.

ME: No, really. I’m feeling good. Last night was a big night for me. The premiere. The people. The lights. For the first time, it was ME. ME, alone on the red carpet, being photographed. Not because Ron decided to spontaneously show me to the press as he sometimes does. Not because a paparazzi caught a glimpse of me in an alley when Ronnie was peeing against a wall. Me. Just me.

DR. STEIN: And what makes you sad about that?

ME: I just said I feel good.

DR. STEIN: I understand, but I’m asking you what makes you sad.

ME: I don’t follow.

DR. STEIN: Well I’m wondering if maybe you’re having trouble with the idea of a life and fame separate from Ron. You’re usually very attached to him.

ME: No. I’m telling you, I’m excited. I’m…very excited. I’m really, truly excited.

(I explode with tears. Tape stops here for Dr. Stein to clean up the tears because they're not tears.)
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