Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Truth about Charlie

I've worked with some talented people over the years, but what cock has had the chance to work with a veritable Hollywood institution (not counting Nina Hartley's pussy)? I'm talking about Charlie Napier. That guy has been in a shitload of movies, and his commitment to his roles is absolute. Still, it wasn't until our scene together in "One-Eyed Monster" that I realized just how committed he was. He was really generous on the set, offering acting advise (but only when solicited; he understands that actors need to do their own work finding their characters) and generally showing the rest of us what professionalism means.

We practiced the strangling shot a dozen times before rolling the camera, and he never took it easy just because it was a rehearsal. To find the truth of that moment, he told me to really squeeze his windpipe; he wanted to sense imminent death so that he could use it in his acting. What you can't tell is that I hurt him. It wasn't intentional, obviously. I just got excited by his intensity, so I squeezed too hard. The scene where he first comes through the cabin door, apparently frozen stiff? That was shot right after, and you can see that he's still reeling from the loss of oxygen. I apologized profusely--and felt horrible--but when he was able to, he waved me off and said "Any actor worth his salt--man, woman or dick--is grateful for a new sense memory to stock in his arsenal of tools. I've never been strangled by a dick before. At least not like that. Thanks, pal."

Charlie Napier. I'd work with him again in a second.

So long.
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