Friday, April 17, 2009

Take Off With Us

On a flight back east yesterday, after browsing the Sky Mall catalog, I made an admittedly not very novel connection between us--that is, me and the airplane.

1. We look alike (I was on a 747). True, I don't have wings, and I only have two engines, but the general shape is there.
2. We both spend our days going up and then coming down.
3. We both carry a lot of people inside, unload them at a gate, and every once in a while one of them arrives at his destination to start a new life.
4. Sometimes people go down on us.
5. As we get older, we need more inspection.
6. We both heed safety regulations when we're working.
7. We occasionally get 'jacked (okay, that one's a stretch).
8. We've both starred in movies (me: "One-Eyed Monster", them: " "Airport 77" for examples)
9. Celebrities ride us.
10. "We take you everywhere and get you nowhere" --All That Jizz (apologies to Mr. Fosse).

Hey, I never said I was a great thinker. And I deserve some credit for not mentioning where the pilot sits.

So long.
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