Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I get a lot of email asking if I own a copy of Ron’s film, “Pupik”, the controversial 1989 porno based (loosely) on the tragic events of the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich.

Why controversial? Where do I begin? Putting aside the racist undertones (the terrorist group in the film is called “Black Vagina”) and the crude references to a serious event, audiences were outraged by the film’s opening scene in which Prime Minister Golda Meir (played by Ginger Lynn) meets the new Mossad recruit (Jeremy).

Well, the answer is no: I don’t own a copy, and neither does Ron. As far as I know, there are only two in existence, and one of them is owned by Francis Ford Coppola, who acquired the film under the terms of a settlement after suing “Pupik”’s director for his previous effort, “Fucker: The Man and His Cream.”

Six years ago, however, I found a rare copy of the shooting script on Ebay. I can at least, then, reprint the opening scene of the film. Enjoy!

RON JEREMY is brought by members of the Israeli army into a small living room of a house. Everyone appears restless as they wait, until GOLDA MEIR enters the room. They all stand up in deference.

GOLDA MEIR: I knew your father, Mr. Jeremy. He was a good man. A brave man.

RON: Thank you, Prime Minster.

GOLDA MEIR: We have a situation.

RON: Yes, Prime Minister

GOLDA MEIR: A group calling themselves “Black Vagina” have given a scorching case of herpes to the entire Israel Olympic delegation. They will be unable to compete now.

RON: What is it you seek from me?

GOLDA MEIR: I want you to fuck the people who fucked us. Every civilization finds it necessary to negotiate compromises with its own values. I have made a decision. The responsibility is entirely mine.

RON: With all due respect, Prime Minister, I don’t have herpes.

GOLDA MEIR: But I’m told you have a killer cock, is that right young man?

RON: Yes, that is right.

GOLDA MEIR: Show it to me.

RON takes out his cock and even the Israeli army members, who’ve seen just about everything, are shocked with awe.

GOLDA MEIR: I may be too old to run this country much longer, but not too old to suck that beautiful Kosher footlong.

GOLDA gets on her knees, takes out her tits, and engulfs Ron’s cock in her mouth.

RON: Hatikva-va voom!!!!

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