Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Oceanic 9 (and 3/4)

Owing to my nature and Ron's work, I'm frequently glued to things. But last night--being Wednesday--it wasn't a belly or someone's hair or Ron's underwear. It was the TV, and the reason is "Lost."

I don't have a natural affinity for the tube (which is what TV was called when I was growing up) as it was a cruel playground nickname for me, long before I accepted and even embraced my size. But when it comes to "Lost," I can't be disturbed. My therapist suspects an over-identification with the island.

We upset the normal sense of time and space. We both have a strange and magical power over people--they're either reviled by us or they can't "quit" us. We're populated by creatures (in the island's case, hostiles and the Dharma Initiative; in my case, sperm) in epic and eternal competition. At times we seem to heal people, and at times we make them sick. And thanks to Ron's busy and storied career, some of it preserved on DVD, people often find themselves experiencing us, alternately, in 2009 and 1977.

There are as many twisty strands in "Lost" as there are in Ron's ball hair, and I'm attached for life to both.

I also love to watch "Real Time with Bill Maher," but that's because we're both big, funny pricks. Don't need a shrink to see that.
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