Thursday, June 11, 2009

The System

This was my bible when I was studying to act in porn. The author, of course is the legendary teacher, Constantin Penislavsky. Here's a chapter.

A Sex Actor Prepares

Chapter 1: The First Test

Our first lesson with the Director, Cockovich, began quite unexpectedly, when the great phallus entered the hall and announced that we would commence rehearsal for a sex film that very afternoon. I turned to Fyodork and saw that he, too shared my exhilaration, and there was much discussion among the others--Cuntya, a bushy hole of some meekness and Vulvanova, whose stout lips suggested a life spent spoiled by powders and oils. What would we perform? A tragedy? A comedy? What great characters would we play? I was tempted by the figure of Othello's dick but secretly hoped it would be Henry VIII".

I was suddenly overcome with a desire to act. My glans, shaft, base--everything pulsed with the surge of blood. I grew tall and substantial, and I felt full with milk. The Director, alarmed by my condition, looked at me reproachfully.

"This is unacceptable! Control is everything, and you debase our art with such amateurish antics. To arouse a desire is easy. To save it for the proper moment is difficult, but such is absolutely required of a sex actor!"

I deflated with shame and resolved to achieve a discipline worthy of his respect. I have much to learn, which is perhaps my first lesson after all.
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