Monday, June 1, 2009

My Hard-On Will Go On

Millvina Dean died yesterday. At 97, she was the last survivor of the Titanic. She was only two months old when she, her mother and brother made it to safety aboard a lifeboat. Her father, however, went down with the ship. It's hard not to think about all the women I've worked with. In their own way, they too went down on something referred to as titanic. I can't honestly say what it feels like to suck me; while my co-stars have moaned and whimpered, I've always assumed they were just doing their 'job and, you know, acting. It must be more fun to suck something that isn't quite so unwieldy. I'm sure it feels good in their pussies, but even chicks with an oral fixation can't possibly be satisfied by me because they can't take me fully in to suck. Not that I haven't been deep-throated. But that's less sucking than, I don't know, safe passage. Back to the Titanic, though. I wouldn't mind getting head from Celine Dion. I'd like to touch that famous larynx of hers while she hums the love theme from that movie. Am I being too crude today? You forget--I'm a cock. If YOU think about sex a lot during the day, consider how much I do.



I find "getting head" so much more appealing a phrase than "getting a blowjob." Blowjob? First of all, there's no actual blowing. It ain't a birthday candle. And my line of work notwithstanding, I don't like to think that fellatio is a job. Getting head, on the other hand. The idea that a woman is putting me inside her head. Now that's a turn on. No, I'm not touching her brain, but in that I am occupying the majority of cavity above her shoulders, how can she not be at least thinking of me? That's pretty close to touching her brain. Have a nice day, y'all.
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